Your support and gifts are crucial to us… we truly cannot operate without your help.

Your financial gifts enable us to pour directly back into our community by:

  • Reaching hundreds of women on each outreach and providing gifts to these beautiful women
  • Providing training (including training materials) to our volunteers, human trafficking court staff, and hotel staff
  • Purchasing materials for our monthly support group including bibles, educational materials, and other supplies
  • Furthering the education of UnChained Love leadership as it directly relates to our mission
  • Covering marketing costs and maintaining contact with our supporters and communities

We have formed partnerships with many individuals, as well as businesses and churches in the community, including Campbell’s Sweets Factory, Tint Pros, Forward Church, and NEO House Church Network. Partnerships enable us to budget in your donation and count on that regular support to offset the high costs of our outreach expenses. We encourage you to contact us to join a partnership with UnChained Love.

We will be sure to send you ministry updates including testimonies, prayer requests, event updates, and volunteer opportunities as part of your partnership. A partnership with us will be sure to change lives! If you are feeling led to give but a partnership is not for you at this time, your one time donation of any amount is greatly appreciated! Every bit helps us!

You can donate by mailing us a check made out to UnChained Love at PO Box 609353, Cleveland OH 44109 or by clicking the DONATE button below.

Where will your money go?

Here are several scenarios:

  • $10-50 Gift Cards: Applebees, Fridays, or Gas Cards for Meals/Gas for a Women Being Mentored
  • $25 – Co-Pay for 1 Christian Counseling Session
  • $50 – Covers Outreach for 1 Strip Club OR 2 Care Packages for a Victim of Trafficking or an At-Risk Woman
  • $65 – 24 Outreach Bibles OR 4 Christian 12 Step Workbooks
  • $100 – Covers Outreach for 2 Strip Clubs
  • $500 – Covers An Entire Strip Club Outreach
  • $3000 – Covers 1 Whole Year of Strip Club Outreach!