Today is January 11, 2014…. Human Trafficking Awareness Day… What can you do to help stop sex trafficking?

You can:
*Agree not to purchase or view pornographic material
*Refuse to purchase sex or services within the sex industry from ANYONE and speak up when you know someone who does
*Get help and find accountability if you are someone who struggles with sex addiction
*Choose NEVER to tolerate sexual abuse (which leads to trafficking for many)
*Vow to protect all women, children and others who are at risk.

Most importantly, you can bring about change in your community by viewing human sex trafficking as a crime that CAN be stopped! The victims are not statistics or lost causes, they could be your son or daughter, sister or mother…. And they may enter into a situation that progresses to trafficking without even realizing it will end up there. Your voice could save them….

Thank you for your support as we fight this battle to set the captives free through the power of our Lord Jesus. Only through Him can we overcome!