God is making moves… Off a hunch, Holy Spirit lead no doubt, a meeting was called today to discuss possible partnership with Campbell’s Sweets Factory, a Christian based business out of Ohio City. From the details of how the meeting transpired, to the hearts of the individuals at this business, down to the meeting itself, God blew my mind… as usual! It is clear through situations like this how important it is that God provides a means to strengthen our involvement with the local church body. God is paving the way and calling out to His people to get involved. I believe He wants to prove to the women of the industry that they matter to believers throughout the city… He is setting the stage to make a huge impact on the lives of the women we are about to reach!

Amanda and I had an amazing meeting with Campbell’s Sweets Factory owner Jeff Campbell, and one of his employees, Ryan. Mr. Campbell will be praying and presenting to other people within the company about how his business, as well as other individual employees, can become involved. He has offered up his ideas including providing desserts for club outreaches as well as other forms of support for the women desiring a change of life. He also plans to set us up to present the ministry vision to a few other local churches. I look forward to seeing how God builds this new partnership into our lives and into this ministry.

I am so glad God connected us. I encourage you to stop in to Campbell’s Sweets Factory on W25th, or to their stand at the West Side Market. Indulge in their amazing sweets and show them some love… They are a business who deserves it!